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The leading designer of the team must be:

•a Hong Kong resident;
•a registered architect, locally or internationally (HKIA, AIA, RAIC, RIBA etc);
•the team should have at least one member who is a Hong Kong Authorized Person.

PHASE I: Statement of Interest and Portfolio

1.1.   Cover Letter and Statement of Interest

         The design team should submit a cover letter and statement of interest of no more than two A4 pages (In Chinese or English). The letter should identify the firms and key  personnel who make up the design team, and should discuss why the team is interested in participating in the competition. The letter may also address the team’s anticipated approach to the competition’s design challenges.

1.2.   Qualifications / Portfolio

         The design team should submit a description of relevant projects completed or in progress by members of the team. Responses should provide a summary of the project and a description of the firms’ role in the project.

PHASE II: Design Proposals

2.1.    The three finalists will be asked to develop and submit conceptual design proposals. More detailed information regarding the final submittal will be provided prior to  the beginning of Phase II.

2.2.    The proposals should include the requirements outlined below:

                (1) a maximum of four boards (A1 size, jpg format, 300 DPI each) submitted electronically. An ftp site address will be forwarded to you if you are selected in Phase II;

                (2) a conceptual construction cost budget of the proposed design. The Team may seek a professional Quantity Surveyor to help to prepare a conceptual cost estimate. Nonetheless it is not a requirement that the team is obligated to do so.

                (3) a scaled physical model. 1:200 scale, monochrome;

                (4) participation in a public presentation and interview at HKCCSA; the presentation will allow finalists to provide an overview of their design,  as well as provide  the competition jury with the opportunity to interview the design team; all submittals will be made electronically;  instructions will be provided.

Recent Notice

Announcement of the Winner:
Ida & Billy

Though it was not an easy job for the Jury Panel to select among the design proposals of the 3 finalists one and only one winner, the Panel has tried its very best and finally selected Ida & Billy Architects Ltd. as the winner of the HKCCSA Clubhouse Redevelopment Idea Design Competition. Formal notification will be made in due course.

Exhibition of the Design Proposals of the 3 Finalists

HKCCSA also announces that an exhibition of all the 3 finalists' design proposals will be arranged from 20 - 25 November 2014 from 11:00 - 21:00 at HKCCSA Clubhouse at 8 Wylie Road, King's Park, Kowloon. Members and Friends of HKCCSA are most welcome to visit the exhibition and give your comments if any to the Association.


Result of Phase I Competition-
3 Finalists Selected

With the kind assistance of the interested parties, we have now completed Phase I Competition!

Among the 13 submissions received, Panel Members of the Competition Jury have recently interviewed 6 of them and selected at last 3 Finalists to advance to Phase II Competition.

It was not at all an easy job for the Jury! But due to the limited places available, the Jury was not able to select more.

HKCCSA is indeed impressed by all the art works presented and appreciates very much for the time and effort all of them have contributed.

The 3 Finalists are:

  • James Law Cybertecture International Ltd.
  • Wing Kwok Designers and Architects Ltd.
  • Ida & Billy Architects Ltd

In Phase II, the 3 Finalists shall develop conceptual design proposals and encouraged to supplement their team with firms specializing in other disciplines, such as landscape architecture, historic preservation and urban design, in order to best re-imagine HKCCSA’s Clubhouse and public realm within HKCCSA’s estimated budget. Each of them will be awarded 100,000 HKD for their work and design.

13 Submissions Received

As at 1 September 2014, a total of 13 statement of Interest and Qualifications Submissions have been received.

The submissions will be examined by the Penal Members of the Jury.

Possible interview and/or request for additional information may be required after the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays. If required, the lead designer of the team shall be notified by email accordingly.

Extension of Time Line of HKCCSA Clubhouse Redevelopment Idea Design Competition

For 2nd Round Q&A, please CLICK here to download.

Due to the popular demand, we have extended the deadlines for the Q&A and submissions.

Interested parties may come for the site visit at any time during our office hours until 30 August, 2014 .

For your convenience, prior arrangement is requested. Please RSVP by emailing to or

PHASE I (Revised) 
9 June, 2014 (Monday, noon)

  • Design Competition Public Invitation / Announcement

  • Question & Answers period begins

  • (questions may be sent to

21 June, 2014 to 30 August, 2014

1 August, 2014 (Friday)

  • Round 1 Question & Answers period ends. Answers to the queries will be announced on the competition website

11 August, 2014 (Friday)

  • Round 2 Question & Answers period ends. Answers to the queries will be announced on the competition website

1 September, 2014 (Monday, 17:00)

  • Statements of Interest and Qualifications Submission

8 September, 2014 (Monday, exact timing to be confirmed)

  • Possible Interviews and/or Requests for additional information